We are all international systemic professionals with extense careers, all first or second generation trained directly by Bert Hellinger.

Our systemic trauma courses are all designed both to improve helping and for personal and social development.


Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D. (USA, Berkeley)
Founder and Director of Virtual University Systemic Trauma Work
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D. (USA) is a systemically oriented social traumatologist, founder and main international specialist in Systemic Collective/Social Trauma. She has advanced Academic Degrees, given by the Western Institute for Social Research, and the University of California at Berkeley.
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Lic. Graciela Lauro - Directora de Signo
BA. Graciela Lauro
Rector and Educational Director
of Virtual University Systemic Trauma Work

She holds a Communication Sciences and Journalism Degree from the University of Buenos Aires. She is the Director of Signos Ediciones, a publishing company dedicated to systemic works. Miss Lauro is the organizer of Dr. Anngwyn St Just trainings in South America since 2018. She edited the main books and recordings of Bert Hellinger in Spanish between 2006 and 2016. 

We are the First University of Systemic Trauma in the World, directed by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D., Berkeley EE.UU, founder of Systemic Collective Trauma Work.