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On October 5th, from 7 am to 11 am (time in Arizona)

Collective Constellations are a great tool to understand the background of the major collective problems in societies and the global challenges of our times.

Like in all other kinds of Systemic Constellation Work the key achievement of collective constellations is to reveal the hidden truth behind a problem and to find the initial collective trauma in the unconscious background of a nation or even of whole humanity. With this knowledge the chances are much greater to solve the collective issue.

But knowledge and understanding is only the first step. Because there is always unresolved collective traumata in the background, may be decades or hundreds of years ago, profound trauma healing is needed to really

create a good sustaining solution in whole society.

To achieve this goal Dr. Rauscher will combine the shamanic healing method “Healing Voices” with the collective constellations in this workshop. Healing Voices are connected to a strong, archaic “Healing Field” and can therefore heal collective trauma even way back in time.


Examples of collective issues, which can be addressed with collective constellations are:


  • war and peace

  • increase of violence in society

  • rise of right-wing radicalism

  • threat from terrorism

  • environmental crisis

  • poverty

  • major crises like corona pandemic

  • problematic educational systems

  • and much more


In the workshop the group will decide which collective and social issues will be subject of the constellations. In the collective constellations Dr. Rauscher will work in a large room with papers on the floor as place holders. He will step into every position as a representative to gather the information of the system. The participants of the workshop are invited to also stand as representatives in as many positions they like in their home and share whatever information they get from there.

In this workshop you will learn the principles of collective constellations und how to apply them online with a worldwide audience. You also will experience healing on a collective and even personal level.


See the written documentation of two impressive, collective constellations in Mexico and USA  in the articles "Peace" and "Corona - Message for Humanity

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