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Dealing with the Perpetrator-Victim field in Yoni-Constellations

On December 21th, from 7 am to 11 am (time in Arizona)

This Yoni-Constellation workshop focuses on how to deal with unresolved trauma such as sexual assault, abuse and rape. Rude gynecological examinations even during pregnancy, and harmful interventions violating the natural birth process are often experienced as abuse.
Out of shame, many women evaluate such incidents as their own responsibility and guilt. In this way, they often do not notice the perpetrators or even protect them.
In this workshop we will talk about dealing with the parts of the soul which are still frozen in the trauma situation and how to consciously integrate them. You will learn how to identify a perpetrator. We will talk about the particular tools and systemic positions to be considered in the victim-perpetrator field, for example the position “guilt” and the position “feelings of guilt”.
In a Yoni-Constellation we will experience how the extent of despair, guilt and shame can be made conscious and transformed into bubbling sources of power.
In this way, the woman regains her dignity, honor and respect. This strengthens her self-esteem, self-love, self-worth and her entire feminine potential.

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