Training addressed

This training is opened to everybody but it is specially addressed to current or former students from Systemic Constellations or/and Somatic Experiencing trainings.


108 hours total. 12 modules, one per month of 9 hous in three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 1 pm to 4 pm, time in Arizona.


You can course every month linearly until you are certified in the 12 modules of the complete training programm or skip modules in time until you are certified in these 12 modules.

Past trainings are recognized

Seminars and modules you have been trained by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just can be considered in an academic equivalence process.


Certification obtained

Training in Systemically Oriented Trauma Work


Training dynamic

Every module is divided in three segments, one of theory, one of Q&A and one of systemic constellations. 

Before every module you will receive complementary information recommended by Dr. St. Just for achieving knowledge integration.


Training languages-Platform

In English to Spanish, live simultaneusly as in person. Zoom Platform.



With 70 percent of assistance in every module you will obtain a partial certification. Final certification will be given only if you completed the 12 modules of the whole programm training. Both partial and final certifications are signed by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just (USA, Berkeley), founder of The Arizona Center for Social Trauma (ACST).

About Enrollings

Registrations can be done by paying monthly, partially (several modules together) or completely (with a discount) 



Know about advanced payment benefit and big group fee benefit.


Dr. Anngwyn St Just, short Bio

She holds high degress at Berkeley University, California (USA) and is a worldwide recognized systemic trauma therapist, somatic educator and trainer of over 10 thousand people in Trauma Work in USA, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Australia during 6 decades. Considered as a colleague by Bert Hellinger and co-creator over 40 years with Peter Levine,

Conferencist. Writer of numerous articles (see blog) and more than ten books translated into German and Spanish.