Workshop   GIVE LOVE A CHANCE - How to Find Hapiness

Love is the central energy in life. It connects us to the world and to our loved

ones. Of course, love is also the center of our intimate couple relationships.

Love is the force that brings us together.
Everybody wants to have a fulfilled, happy couple relationship. But often

there are circumstances and forces that prevent us from finding happiness

with a loved partner, keeping it and enjoying it to the fullest.
The cause of trouble in a couple relationship are unresolved traumata of

the past, which leave psychological blockages in one's own energy field.

The trauma can have happened in an earlier generation of the family of

origin, in the present family, in one's own childhood or in a former

incarnation. Since the emotional blockages hide in the unconscious, we

know nothing about them and are therefore helplessly at their mercy.

They have the potential to disturb and destroy our love relationships.
With a systemic constellation, these blockages can be found and healed.

In the workshop you can look deep into your unconscious energy field with a systemic constellation of your couple relationship and recognize the real energetic cause of the disturbance. This can start healing of your couple relationship or an unfulfilled wish for a partner can be fulfilled.
The shamanic healing method "Healing Voices" helps us in the constellations to heal the souls of the people involved in the original trauma. This gives love a chance to flow in present and future, to connect you with loved ones and bring you happiness and fulfillment.

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