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Family Shadow and Self-Parts Integration (NEW).jpg
by Nir Esterman

All our parts matter. We are conceived with a full potential, which never reaches adulthood intact. Very early on, we push some of who we are and who we may become into the Shadow. Anything which may threaten our belonging may be given up, repressed and denied. This, we trade a sense of internal belonging for an external one. Internally, we live in a state of division, believing that something is wrong and shameful deep inside us. Externally, we become triggered by anyone who resembles what we have lost.
Who belongs.jpg
by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just

Join us for an exploration of our human experience of belonging within Bert Hellinger's view that "all who  belong to our family have the same right to belong".   As we have seen through Family and Systemic Constellation practice, when a member of  our families  is denied or refused, this belonging ,disorder arises with far reaching consequences. which may reach down through many generations. ( Bert Hellinger; Orders of Love)
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