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Julio Principe


Workshop - Julio
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by Julio Principe

In this workshop we will look at organizations as living systems, to understand their nervous system and their survival and expansion responses, not only to know how they are affected by challenging situations, but also to learn about their resilience and anti-fragility. We will also focus on detecting existing resources and solutions in the organizational system to be strengthened in the face of challenging situations.
Bio - Julio

Julio Príncipe has a degree in Psychology and a Master (c) in Organizational Psychology (Universidad
Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - Peru). He is certified to accompany dialogue processes in complex
contexts (Warm Data Lab / People Need People Online) by the International Bateson Institute. He is
internationally trained in human development, organizational development, coaching and consulting,
including a varied training in family constellations, structural constellations and organizational
constellations. He is Master in Organizational Constellations and Systemic Work by the Bert Hellinger
Instituut (The Netherlands) and Master Trainer in Organizational Constellations by Infosyon (the
worldwide association of systemic constellations in organizational and professional contexts, based in

Julio is the founder of "Congruencia SAC", one of the Spanish-speaking referents in systemic consulting. For more than twenty years he has been providing accompaniment and consulting to individuals, teams and organizations (private, public and non-governmental), and  is frequently invited as a Trainer for international events on human development, organizational development and SCW (both in person and online). He has offered consulting, coaching and presential trainings in Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay. 

He is often invited to Business Schools and Universities to provide his perspective on adaptation to complex contexts and the view of organizations as living systems. He is the author of "Constelaciones Organizacionales: historias de la consultoría sistémica" (Empresa Activa, by Ediciones Urano).

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