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Workshop Nir
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by Nir Esterman (Israel)

All our parts matter. We are conceived with a full potential, which never reaches adulthood intact. Very early on, we push some of who we are and who we may become into the Shadow. Anything which may threaten our belonging may be given up, repressed and denied. This, we trade a sense of internal belonging for an external one. Internally, we live in a state of division, believing that something is wrong and shameful deep inside us. Externally, we become triggered by anyone who resembles what we have lost.
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by Nir Esterman

You are welcome to join this professional course that will teach you how to skillfully bring the healing power of Shadow Constellations into your work. We will cover the necessary theory and practice, so that you feel comfortable applying these useful tools and perspectives to the work you do with yourself and with your clients and students.
About Shadow Constellation
About Shadow Constellations

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 
C.G. Jung 

Shadows are self-parts that we deny and repress, disown, judge, and want to believe we are without them.  
We imprison them deep inside us and spend the rest of our life trying to hide them from sight, to starve them, to make sure they will be sentenced for life.  
Our Shadows are so hard to bear that it's enough that we see them on another person to make us reactive in some powerful and/or subtle ways. 
As a small exercise - Imagine som
eone you just can't stand (that hasn't abused or hurt you or your loved ones).  
Notice your body reactions, your em
otions, your thoughts and judgements towards that person. 
Notice your triggering style - Do you 
* Get angry (even violent), superior, educating, diminishing? - These are fight reactions. 
* Want to leave, feel disgusted, not wanting to be around or be associated with these people? - These are flight responses 
* Lose ability to react, ignore, cooperate against your better judgment? These are freeze responses. 
* There are also Faint, Friends and Fuck responses worth getting familiar with (: 
What can you learn from this exercise? 
What we can't be in touch with, we can not really see, can not have compassion and empathy for, can not take into our hearts. 
Integrating our Shadows, acknowledging their family, culture and inter-generational sources supports us in being able to accept and work with more of what the clients brings with them. 
It reduces emphatic failures and makes it easier to recover from them when they do happen. 
It allows us to be more deeply present even when the clients issues resonate with ours. 
Shadow Constellations allow us to tap into this deep reservoir of vitality, creativity, completeness and peace. 

As therapists and facilitators, it is vital that we be aware of the concept of Shadow, not only to guide our clients better but to become safer & deeper professionals.

Bio Nir Esterman

Nir is a Shadow work and Family Constellation teacher, the developer of Shadow Constellations, a body psychotherapist and an Embodiment trainer.

Nir holds a B.Sc in Bioinformatics and a M.Sc in Science Education.

A teacher in the Constellation Path institute for the study of systemic constellations and a Shadow work teacher in the international embodiment facilitator course Russia.

Nir is also a 2nd Generation to the holocaust on both sides and has worked a lot with the effect of the war on the 2nd and 3rd generations of the war.

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