Online Training in Systemic Trauma Work
With Dr. Anngwyn St. Just
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This new online training of 12 modules, one
per month, is live by Zoom platform. Total of 108 hours. You are certified in one year after attending twelve modules. Learn and heal in every module with the founder of Systemic Collective Trauma Work!
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Highlighted information

- Dr. Anngwyn St. Just is the Emeritus professor in all modules

- Open to everybody. Ideal for current and former students of systemic constellation or/and Somatic Experiencing trainings

- Complete program training: 12 modules, one per month (see schedule and topics)

Linear or circular according to your possibilities

- 108 hours total

- 9 hours per module, three days of three hours each day from 12 pm to 3 pm, time in Arizona

(see schedule)

- English into Spanish, live and simultaneously

-Dynamic of modules: segments of theory, Q&A and systemic constellations

- By Zoom platform, safe room and professional administration

- International certification: partial (70 percent assitance required) and final after completed the whole program of 12 modules

- Title obtained: Systemic Training in Trauma Work

- Big groups special fee

- Equivalences with former trainings with Dr. St. Just



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