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Shadow Constellations and Intergenerational Trauma

Inter Generational  (IG) Trauma affects our lives on many levels.
The conflicts, challenges and difficult fates of our ancestors shape our embodiment, attitude, loyalties, emotional responses and even limits the degree to which we may successful.

In this training we will combine Family Constellations with Embodiment, Shadow Work and a Trauma aware approach to offer you tools and perspectives you may use for yourself and bring to your practice.

The 5 total modules, one per month, are both a healing and a learning experience for the participants.
Classes are accompanied by a moderated group chat and prompts for reflection and self work.


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Goals of the Training

  •  Knowledge about IG trauma and it affects you and your clients.

  • A set of embodied experiential tools to explore your own IG traumas and increase your well being.

  • A deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics of your current life difficulties.

  • Gaining freedom from the bonds of IG traumas – Stopping the unconscious survival mode.

  • Feeling safer & Being able to take more space.

  • Integrating with important (creativity, strength, flexibility, freedom of choice…) self-parts that were not accessible before.

  • Feeling less overwhelmed by collective current events.

  • Reducing secondary traumatization



English to Spanish


Academic final certificate will be received after completing at least the 70 percent of assistance to each module with camera on and the 70 percent of the total work at the break out rooms.


To be registered please  inform NAME, SURNAME, E-MAIL, PHONE NUMBER and your CURRENT RESIDENCE COUNTRY.

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