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Workshop: The Liberation of Masculinity
Liberation of Masculinity

Will be held on August 24th, from 7 am to 11 am (time in Arizona).


English and Spanish


Academic final certificate will be received after completing at least the 70 percent of assistance with camera on and the 70 percent of the total work at the break out rooms.

This workshop is for men who want a fulfilled sex life, a happy couple relationship or basically a strengthening access to their own masculinity on physical, mental and spiritual level. All personal issues in the field of sexuality, eroticism, love and couple relationships are welcome. The field of relationships between women and men and the relationship to one’s own body and sexuality has been severely disturbed for centuries due to unresolved collective traumata such as war and patriarchal violence. In addition, traumata in earlier generations of the family of origin or personal traumata in child-hood or in previous incarnations play an important role.  In the workshop we track down the trauma that is causing your very personal problem using a systemic Lingam-Constellation. In addition to the lingam (penis), we will also work with collective positions such as “The Archaic Masculine”, “The Supporting Masculine”, The Sacred Masculine”, “The Sacred Feminine”, “Love” and “The Heart”. Of course, the goals of the constellation, for example “Fulfilled sexuality”, “Fulfilled masculin-ity” or “Happiness” will be central positions in the Lingam-Constellations. The information flowing through all these positions will enable us to initiate fundamental heal-ing and resolution movements.  The shamanic healing method „Healing Voices”, which is part of the Lingam-Constellations, will significantly support the healing of deeper mental and spiritual layers and connect you to your archaic source. When the personal and collective traumata are resolved, the way is free to recognize and live the essence of your masculinity and thus your higher self as a man. Your capacity to experience the erotic realm and your relationships as a whole will develop positively and pave the way for fulfillment and happiness.

By Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher


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