Trauma, Addictions & Postraumatic Stress
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 10 of the Online Training in Systemic Trauma Work

Trauma, Addictions and Postraumatic Stress.jpg

-Module of the New Online Training live by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D. (USA) on Individual, Family, and Collective Social Systemic Trauma®.

-October 14, 15 and 16, from 12 pm to 3 pm (Arizona time), by Zoom.

-Three hours, three days.


-Spaces for Theory, Systemic Constellations and Q&A.


-Early bird until September 30th.

-In English with simultaneous translation into Spanish

-International Certification

-Enrollment until October 12nd

°Module Review:

We will maintain a clinical emphasis on working with the interrelationship of trauma with substance abuse, chemical dependency, eating disorders and process addictions (gambling, work, sex, computers, compulsive caretaking, etc.) Those of us who work with traumatized people often find that addictive behaviors are indicative of deeper issues in need of attention. When challenged, addictions tend to "shape shift" and "morph" into other forms of problematic behavior. Addictive behaviors are often complicated by biochemical, systemic ,generational , social and economic factors. This workshop will include; lecture, demonstration and some experiential work involving a multimodal and contextual approach to the complexities inherent in addictions as post traumatic stress phenomena.