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Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D. (USA)

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Dynamic 13 classes by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just, Ph. D., USA, internationally renowed specialist on Systemic Trauma Work.

Experience and knowkedge moreover six decades as therapist, conferencist and teacher. Author of more than 10 books on the topic.

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2 classes:

  1. Trauma & eating disorders

  2. Sexual Trauma

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4 classes:

  1. Systemic Trauma Work

  2. Trauma in Relationships

  3. Trauma & fractals

  4. Trauma & addictions 

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7 classes:

  1. Trauma & Holocaust

  2. Transgenerational Trauma 

  3. Systemic Collective Trauma Work

  4. Trauma & addictions, Vol. 2

  5. Trauma & Siblings 

  6. Trauma & Narcisism

  7. Trauma & Collective organizations

*Levels can be coursed together or separately per level. Classes can be coursed separately. Certificates are received after completing a level.

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30 minutes aprox.

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Window to ask access after payment, 72 hours
Time to see the class after getting the access, 24 hours 

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Multiple choice exams on class contents. Certificate signed by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just

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  • Per individual class: dollars 30

  • Per class + study material: dollars 50 (optional)

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  • Level 1: dollars 40

  • Level 2: dollars 60

  • Level 3: dollars 90

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Exchange rate only for argentineans dollar blue seller of the payment date


Fee is dollars 100
Access to 10 elected recorded classes of the Virtual Classroom.  The frame time to see the whole of the classes is one month calendar after paying the membership.  The time to see each class is 24 hours after receiving the access.
End of your membership 30 consecutive days.
No refundings in any case.
Exams and certificates are not included in the fee of the membership.

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No refundings in any case

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