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BA. Graciela Lauro


Workshops Graciela Lauro
Dra. Anngwyn St. Just, by BA. Graciela Lauro

A journey through historical and current Collective Trauma with a Systemical Orientation by Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA) Internationally renowed systemic trauma therapist, trainer and conferencist.
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por la Lic. Graciela Lauro

¿Qué es fundamental que se dé primero en las relaciones, el Orden o el Amor? ¿Qué ocurre si se da uno sin el otro? Al servicio de qué está el Orden en los sistemas? Cómo fluye el Amor?
Te lo cuenta la Editora de los libros de Bert Hellinger en español del 2006 al 2016. Este encuentro pertenece a la serie de "Charlas sobre Temas fundamentales de las enseñanzas del Maestro Bert Hellinger", por la Lic. Graciela Lauro, Rectora, Directora de Educación y Docente de la Universidad de Trauma de la Dra. Anngwyn St. Just.
Bio Graciela Lauro

Holds a Communication Sciences and Journalism Degree from the University of Buenos Aires. She is the Director of Signos Ediciones, a publishing company dedicated to systemic works. Miss Lauro is the organizer of Dr. Anngwyn St Just trainings in South America since 2018. She edited the main books and video recordings of Bert Hellinger in Spanish between 2006 and 2016. She also edited and published the main titles of Dr. Anngwyn St. Just in Spanish.She is the author of the first book written in Spanish about Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations work : “A Reconciliation with Origin and Destiny” (Four editions, 5.000 copies sold).

She won the most important journalism awards in Argentina, one from the newspaper “La Nación” (The Nation) and another from “ADEPA” (Main Newspapers Association) for an extensive article about Children’s Sexual Commercial Exploitation and Abuse in South America. She also won another award from the University of Buenos Aires for an article on Human Rights during the Dictatorship in Argentina between 1976 and 1983.

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