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- Since April to June 2024

- By M.ScNir Esterman (Israel)
- English to Spanish

- Academic Certification



- 1st class: April 6th
- 2nd class: May 4th
- 3rd class: June 1st
Time from 7 am to 10 am, time in Arizona


The topics selected for this course were chosen to give you a wide range of practical tools and methods to enhance your therapeutic and facilitating skills as well as support the growth of your clinic or business.


The topics covered will include:

Shadows of client-practitioner relationships

- Shadows of aggression and vulnerability

- Shadows of sexuality and shadows of death


A Message from the Faculty:

You are welcome to join this professional course that will teach you how to skillfully bring the healing power of Shadow Constellations into your work.


We will cover the necessary theory and practice, so that you feel comfortable applying these useful tools and perspectives to the work you do with yourself and with your clients and students.

In the Shadow Constellations Training for helpers, we will:

- Get in touch with many of our meaningful Shadows and reintegrate with them

- Expand the range of issues and clients we can work with

- Learn how to identify our Shadows and the Shadows of our clients

- Identify and change the effect the Shadow has on the professional relationships with our clients and our business success

- Experience Shadow Constellations, both in various personal structures and in group work

- Learn how to skillfully facilitate Shadow Constellations in both clinical and group settings

This training is for:

This training is for therapists, facilitators, teachers, practitioners and other professionals who work with people.

We will focus on experiential learning, giving you personal embodied experience of the work, in addition to the theory and the practice.


You do not need to have experience or training in Shadow work and/or Family Constellations. All relevant instruction will be given.


You do need to have some training in therapy/coaching/facilitation and experience in working professionally with people.

Levels of action of this Training:

On the psychological level, Shadow Constellations allows us to identify and work with the underlying forces that affect and even manage the client-facilitator/therapist relationship.

These include Transference & Counter transference ,Projective identification and Projections in general. This enables therapists to avoid empathic failures and even to turn them into breakthroughs.


On a more general professional level, it allows us to develop greater empathy, powerful gentleness and the ability to work with a broader range of issues and people.


On an emotional level, Shadow Constellations allows us to better understand the hidden dynamics with clients; how to turn what triggers them and us in life, and in the clinic, into a healing and empowering journey of reintegration.

They allow our clients and ourselves to reintegrate and own difficult emotions, experiences and positive qualities.


On a body level, Shadow Constellations helps us to get in touch with our body, through layers and memories filled with shame, disgust and exclusion and through the traumas that are stored in our body.


On the intergenerational level, it allows us to identify, reconnect and heal the sometimes forgotten sources of the Shadow, the traumas of our ancestors, which are the cause of much of our clients’ suffering.


The goal/effects of this Training:

Much of our suffering is the result of our own thread either disconnecting from threads it should be in touch with; or becoming entangled with other threads in a way it shouldn’t.


It is time to reintegrate with our body, with our lost self or shadow parts, with family members and ancestors, with cultural identity or with other disconnected and/or disowned threads of life.


Reintegration is the essence of the healing and self-development work that I facilitate and teach.


The courses and workshops are offered to professionals who wish to enhance their therapeutic and facilitation abilities.


Learn the most effective tools and perspectives which have helped many clients, students and myself to facilitate meaningful life changes.


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