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- On September 26th, from 11 am to 2 pm (time in Arizona)

- By Julio Príncipe (Peru)

- Face to Face at the distance, by Zoom

We live in a highly complex context, and the global crisis has reminded

us of this: everything is connected, intertwined and mutually affecting each

other. Faced with this reality, looking at organizations and society as a large

vibrant ecosystem opens up many possibilities, including dealing with

potentially traumatic situations for the organizational and social collective

that creates them and responds to them (often forgetting how it

contributed to create such situations). In this workshop we will look at

organizations as living systems, to understand their nervous system and

their survival and expansion responses, not only to know how they are

affected by challenging situations (e.g. bankruptcy, massive layoffs, fraud, death of their staff, contribution to environmental and social damage, etc.) but also to learn about their resilience (how to get ahead after a crisis) and anti-fragility (how to become stronger in the midst of a crisis). We will also focus on detecting existing resources and solutions in the organizational system to be strengthened in the face of challenging situations.

On the other hand, in situations of potential organizational trauma, it is common that personal resonances are activated; that is, if I have painful or traumatic events in my family history, I may connect more easily with painful and traumatic situations in the organization. Therefore, during the workshop we will address how to 1) detect family patterns and their resonance with the world of work and

2) connect with personal resources and treasures that have allowed us to move forward in our personal/organizational life. Also, Julio will absolve queries and demonstrate interventions, based on the core concepts of the workshop, including organizational trauma (if any).


- To incorporate or translate into organizational language the systemic
dynamics, especially related to collective trauma.

- To experience the solution possibilities that arise when we look at
organizations as living systems.
- Experiment with intervention techniques to detect possible family
resonances linked to collective trauma.
- Practice interventions to celebrate treasures and resources (personal and
- Experience brief forms of systemic intervention (personal, professional and
organizational) in the online context.

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