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Irmgard Rosa Maria Rauscher


Seminar on Yoni Constellations

The word „Yoni“ comes from Sanskrit and means divine source or holy place. I use it in

this context for all female sexual organs: vulva, vagina, uterus and ovaries.

For a long time I have dealt with the different, cross-national cultures of female deities,

with female history and female sexuality. I became more and more aware of how much

we women are separated from our original and divine inheritance. A legacy that dates

back some 30,000 years ago when women were respected and honored as living

representatives of the goddess.

As later patriarchal religions gained more and more influence, disrespect against women

rose up and led to rigid and hostile life concepts, to superstition and great suffering.

To this day, denigrations and abuse of the feminine have had an effect on our souls and

bodies and limit our self-perception.

Because of this historical background, women find it very difficult to love themselves and their wonderful bodies and to accept themselves.

A Yoni-Constellation gives female awareness and awakens understanding and tenderness for female history and for personal and collective injuries.

Neurological and biological studies confirm that the Yoni has a direct connection to the brain through a complex neural network. We can assume that it has its own consciousness. Everything that happens to the Yoni has a direct influence on the woman and her self-image.

On the body level, the traumatized and abused Yoni cannot supply the female brain with the chemical substances that evoke creativity, courage, bondage and joy. In women, a well-functioning pelvic nerve plexus is crucial for the release of dopamine, oxytocin and other hormones, which sharpen perception, strengthen self-confidence and increase liveliness. A traumatized Yoni affects the brain’s supply of these euphoric substances, leaves deep traces, conditions and shapes the body, soul and spirit of the woman.

In addition to the personal injuries of the Yoni, the transgenerational troubles and trauma affect its well-being.

Sexual assault, abuse, experiences of violence, pregnancy and birth trauma, which the ancestors have suffered, are passed on to the descendants through the cellular information field and influence the most intimate essence of many later female family members in a negative way. Overwhelming experiences in war, during expulsion and on escape of mothers, aunts, grandmothers, great aunts and great-grandmothers shape the energy field of the female family and modulate love, sexuality, relationships and health of those born later.

 The alienation from the body and the feminine essence has serious consequences:

-Loss of connection to inner wisdom, to inner core and to divinity

-Superficial relationships, feeling of loneliness hiding the true personality behind a mask -loss of trust in one’s own intuition, creativity and vision

-loss of perception of one’s own limits, desires and needs

-constant critical assessment and self-devaluation

The Yoni-Constellations are a direct way to get information about female ancestors and to get in contact with the female collective via the “knowing field”. In the Yoni-Constellation groups, an appreciative, trusting, compassionate, cautious and humorous shelter is created in which injuries, symptoms of illness and trauma can be healed. In the common dance not only breath and individual chakras are stimulated, images and visions can also appear, that remind us of the deepest female foundations.

After this workshop, women go their way strengthened and sisterly connected. Released trauma, understanding and respect for the female collective power allows new perspectives for positive change. Healed injuries open up inspired relationships with family members, partners and lovers.

When: Since June 4th, three meetings.

Where: Online via Zoom, safe room.

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Irmgard Rosa Maria Rauscher is a Psychotherapist. She worked in several psychotherapy-clinics especially with abused and traumatized women. Trained in Family Constellation Work by Bert Hellinger since 1994. She facilitated Family Constellations in workshops and single sessions in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
Since 2014 she studied tantric teachings. Out of this teachings she developed in the last years Yoni-Constellations to heal female sexuality.

2006 she also published a book about female Menopause: „Feuerroter Wandel“ Kösel Verlag Germany