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Unresolved Relationships
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just

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Unresolved Relationships

-Open to everybody

- May 11th, from 12 am to 2 pm (Arizona time), by Zoom.

-In English with translation into Spanish

- Systemic Constellations

-Enrollment until May 9th



Relationships are complex and outcomes are often uncertain. Obstacles to resolution may originate with our families of origin, the presence of the past, as well as known or unknown systemic entanglements, lies, cover-ups ,secrets, cross cultural misunderstandings  and  many other forms of broken connection. Unresolved  personal ,family and collective conflicts and  traumas often  serve as underlying factors in many relationship mysteries and other difficulties.  Systemic clarity,  within a field of inquiry, can provide new options for moving recent and long standing fixations  toward harmony and flow.

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