Online Training in Systemic Trauma Work
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)

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Twelve modules training with Dr. Anngwyn St. Just. One year learning directly from the creator of the Systemic Collective Trauma Work. This training adapts to participant’s possibilities. Dr. St. Just Ph. D. (Berkeley, USA) has trained over 10 thousand people around the world along sixty years of practice.
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Postgraduate in Systemic Trauma Work
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)

After you have been certified in Systemic Trauma Training with us you can continue learning more about Systemic Trauma Work. One more year or you can course contents of your preference separately.
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Intensive in Systemic Trauma Work
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)

Access to a real Intensive one year training in Systemic Oriented Trauma Work that concentrates a Systemic Trauma Training and a Postgraduate. A total of 24 modules with a maximun of 18 hours per month with Dr. St. Just and Guest Teachers. Benefit with the expertise and knowledge of qualified professionals in Systemic Trauma Work that will contribute to make the difference in your practice and life itself.
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 This integrative module experience explores an ongoing resonant and co-creative relationship betweem somatically oriented trauma work and the systemic constellation work in the tradition of Bert Hellinger. Working with individual, social and global trauma from a systemic perspective offers new windows of opportunity for deeper understanding of the Human Condition, along with expanded options for reducing overwhelm, healing broken connections and resolving hidden entanglements.